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What I offer....

I offer a safe space where you will be heard and supported. A space free of judgement, where I will listen and be alongside you on your journey. I will help you – empathically and with acceptance – to explore whatever it is that brings you to therapy.

I believe in the collaborative nature of counselling and encourage feedback to ensure that you feel that your needs are being met. Central to my work is the relationship between client and therapist – I feel this is key to effective therapy. 

I believe in meeting you where you are and working in a way that best suits your needs. Being an integrative therapist trained in CBT, psychodynamic and person-centred theories, it allows me to draw on those elements which would be most helpful for you, as the unique individual that you are. This may include helping you to explore past events and relationships and gaining insight, or it might be working out ways to help you manage your day to day life. Whatever you bring to therapy, I will listen to you and support you.

If you would like to know more about integrative therapy please go to this page from the BACP website.

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